June 2016 Devblog 1

Welcome to the initial release of SEO Studio! When I release large updates, I will write about what's changed on this devblog. Since there isn't an update to discuss, I'd like to use this devblog as an opportunity to tell you about some of the amazing features available to you.

Powerful tools Packed with numerous enterprise-level tools and with many free plugins available, SEO Studio is the prime choice for any search engine optimist.

Languages Easily translate the entire studio into multiple languages.

Customizable Rearrange the tools page, rename the tool categories, change the logo, edit the homepage, and easily manage settings from this admin panel.

Google assurance Optionally get free, permanent access to our service which will allow tools to scrape data from Google even if they block you.

Automated updates No more worrying about installing updates - we'll take care of that for you.

Easy support Our support desk is built into your application. You can communicate with us directly from the Customer Support page.


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